Sunday, March 7, 2010

Somebody must have messed with my calendar....

Because there is no way its already March, right??? Ok, so clearly I've been MIA for a while, perhaps buried under the snow of the Midwest....but alas, I have survived to see spring because this weekend it has actually been 50* and sunny! I've always had a close relationship with the sun, but the old saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder" has proved very true in this case as I've realized just how much I love the sunshine. A LOT.

Work is great, still loving life on The Turkey Team. I do have to share one highlight, that might make me seem a bit childish, but its just too funny to keep to the other day I was driving with a customer when he said he had to go. These are his exact words, "I've got to get to a breast meeting. (Awkward stumble and pause) I mean, a breast meat meeting. Yeah, a breast MEAT meeting." Ha!

To catch up on 4 months of life is a bit overwhelming, so I'll just share a few pictures to capture all the fun of the past few months. Things are going really well, but super busy. I'm so thankful that I'm able to get home and to see the sisters fairly often. I'm also thankful that I've made some more friends here in Indy that are really fun to hang out with...when I'm in town, which seems to be a rare occurance!

Bible verse of the week is Psalm 107:1
The Lord is good, His love endures forever.

A super fun trip up to Turkey Creek (appropriate, huh??) with Mom, Dad, Jason and Candice.
Jennifer and her monkeys while we played in the snow after their big 12' snow! This picture was taken after all the snowball fights had taken place:)

Neenie and the monkeys....they all look so sweet! Later on that day, Ross got on Neen's shoulders and said, "Wanna pet my wild piggy?!?!" (Referencing the term "piggy back ride"...pretty clever, huh?)

As much as I hate driving in the snow and scraping it off my car, it is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful out in the country. My job takes me to some pretty rural areas, so I take full advantage to expand my photography collection.

This was my yard during one of the big snowstorms. The next morning I had to put trashsacks over my boots to even get to my car!


Helen said...

So excited to see a new post! So glad you have survived the winter, too.

I love your Turkey Creek pic, except I sure do look fat.....I think it is the vest and the coat:)

I can see how those turkey terms could get a little confusing......

Love those barn pics!

Love ya!!!

Anna said...

I'm so glad you're BACK! I keep checking and checking:) and I love your mom's post...cute. Tell her she's not fat!

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