Sunday, October 18, 2009

Old Finds & New Accomplishments

Since moving to Indiana, I have become captivated with the wonderful world of antiques and all the character, history, and unique-ness of the pieces. Above is a picture of my new-to-me-but-old cedar chest that is currently serving as my coffee table.
Just so you can see the "coffee table" and the new couch....decorating is definitely a fun part of being a grown up:)
And now to the exciting part of the post...I finished a half marathon on Saturday!!!! Probably everyone reading this has already heard the whole story and the gory details. Multiple times. Likely to be told again next time we talk....;)
The race was here in Indianapolis at a state park, running amidst the orange and red trees was beautiful. At 8:30 am when we started running, it was 34 degrees---brrrrr! Based on my training times, I hoped to finish in under 2.5 hours but really didn't know if that was doable. When I crossed the finish line, the clock read 2 hrs 14 min 44 seconds---after I inhaled a banana and waddled out of the mob of people, I couldn't wipe the dorky grin off sweat-covered face:)
Obviously I'm not a "real" runner, but I can see how running half-marathons could become very addicting. As I was "in the zone" running yesterday, I was thinking about how much you can learn from training/racing:
1) There is incredible motivation that comes from having a specific goal to work towards.
2) Our biggest competition is with ourselves---mainly that little voice that makes us doubt our potential...
3) There is really no goal that is unachievable, its all just a matter of training ourselves, whether its body, muscles, mind, etc.
4) Any accomplishment worth achieving only comes from a mixture of failure and success. There were training days when I'd start out on a long run and just couldn't find it inside me to run; the following day I could just go for miles! Maybe this concept really has more to do with being patient with ourselves, rather than expecting immediate perfection?
5) I run with a watch that signals me for timed walking breaks. On the race course yesterday I was constantly passing some people and being passed by others. The temptation is to feel smug as you pass and to be jealous as you are passed by, but in reality the person who just passed you might be about to walk for a bit and the person you just passed might suddenly get a second wind and tear past you.....what that whole confusing scenario says to me is that we can't concern ourselves with comparing our own progress to other peopel! Refer to #1.
6) You can always do better. A little more effort or a tweak to a technique or whatever it is; there's always opportunity!
7) A little cheering goes a long ways---is it weird to admit out loud that I pretended all the other runners' friends & families who had signs, etc. were actually cheering for me??? Because I totally did that:)
Wow, maybe I should have been a philosopher?? Then again, maybe not...


Jason said...

First of the coffee table! Second, I'm SOOO proud of you! Can't wait until we run one together.


Helen said...

Definitely love the coffee table, your new tv stand and the new couch. I can't wait to go antiquing with you one of these days.

I am super proud of you for your 13.1 miles in 2 hours 14 min. 44 sec!!! That accomplishment is so much more than simply putting one foot in front of the other until you are done. Perseverance is one of the words that comes to my mind as the most important aspect of this accomplishment.


I love you!

Katy said...

I'm so proud too!! You make me want to go out and accomplish something we come relay triathalon:-)

Anna said...

Loving your place, I cannot wait to come visit!! And of course I am uber proud of my Jana!!!

Anonymous said...

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