Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm loving it!

Every day is a new adventure! Here are some pics from a recent trip to California and Arizona, plus a few from Texas also.

The world's largest Raisin Box, located at the Sun Maid Raisin Plant in the heart of raisin country in the Central Valley of CA.
The Giant Sequoias at Yosemite Park: can you tell they ain't kiddin' when they say giant?? Note sign. Its been a life goal to visit Yosemite! New life goal? Re-visit Yosemite for some serious exploration.

I spent my whole life working for this moment of sipping coffee with my Nina & Papa! Every day Nina & Papa start the day out at the kitchen table with a pot of coffee, what a treat to join them as a "big kid":)

"Our" alfalfa. What a good looking crew and a beautiful backdrop! My long overdue trip home was spent filling every minute with good family time, a fish fry at Nina & Papa's, a "42" tournament and a run with Jerry...and admiring Mom & Daddy's BEAUTIFUL new house that's going up right before our eyes!

The sun was a devil that afternoon, but the kiddoes cuteness shines through anyway.

Our little cowman. Being three years old doesn't stop him from anything!

The milking carousel at the Fair Oaks Dairy. The cow steps onto the carousel on the left side of the picture, is milked as she rides around and eats, then steps off on the right side of the picture. Rough life, eh?


Jennifer said...

Love the pics! And that you are loving life so much!

Anonymous said...

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