Friday, August 7, 2009

A New Love...

I've come to Indiana and found a new! I recently realized that my life revolves around food: work is all about food production, at home I'm either cooking, eating, or exercising away calories...or watching Food Network. (Ok, that's not really alllll I do outside of work...haha) Tonight I saw the movie "Julie & Julia" (which was adorable by the way) and I've officially decided I want to take some sort of a cooking class in the very near future.

I'm feeling proactive about this new venture in life right now since (as I type) I'm making Nina's Mexican Grits for the 2nd weekend in a row to take to a pot-luck'ish event tomorrow night. Fortunately, I know I have good cook genetics (Nina, Mema, Mom), they've just not really been tapped into before now so hopefully chef genetics don't expire if not's hoping I'll find my inner "Julia Child" soon!


Jennifer said...

I can share Aunt Cousin Kellie's chocolate chip cookie recipe and you will always have another never fail share food!

Good luck in your quest!

un platano said...

you're adorable!

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