Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Whole New World of Eggs 'n More!

Life in Indiana continues to throw pleasant surprises at me in the form of friends at work, church friends, weekend fun, and cool experiences on the road! Here are some highlights of the past couple of weeks:
  • Trip to Minnesota to spend three days with another sales rep visiting customers. She just started last year with the company and we hit it off and had a great time! We swung through Wisconsin and actually got to have dinner with Jamie from my National FFA officer team....such a small world. The trip included learning up close and personal about the anatomy and diseases of a chicken by helping to dissect them and check for health issues. All I can say is: a) wow and b) gross. Cool, but gross! Success of that event was that I only almost threw up a few times, but never lost my lunch. (Small wins is what its all about!)

  • Camping with my friend Amanda and her grad school friends at a lake about an hour away, including swimming in a lake on a PERFECT summer day. On my way back to Indy, I discovered a potentially dangerous hobby: Antiquing! There are antique stores EVERYWHERE out here that have really fun things....I bought my first piece and couldn't help but think how glad I am that I have some of my Uncle Ronnie in me:)

  • Sunday morning I went to church at the church I had previously found and then was invited to lunch by my a family that has semi-officially adopted me. They have two girls home from Freed-Hardeman University for the summer and are just such a cool family. Some other people joined us for lunch, one lady lives right behind me and was a missionary in West Africa for 7 years...she was so interesting!

  • The Sunday am church doesn't have a Sunday pm service, so I ended up hunting down another congregation that I had heard about and went there on Sunday evening. I have been to some places with some kind people, but never, ever, never have I been just so loved on when I went to a new church and made to feel like it made their day that I had come. The singing was beautiful and the sermon was rock solid---he talked about how bad events happen to all of us throughout life that we can't control, but we can ALWAYS control how we respond...and the Bible calls us to always respond with joy, like Paul did while writing Philippians from a jail cell awaiting a bogus trial. I'm so excited to have not one, but two churches that I really like! Oh, and there are a couple of people from work who go to this church too, and its always cool to have additional connections like that to people at church.

  • Monday night Beau (also from national officer team) and I went to watch the Indianapolis Indians game. I'm not much of a baseball person, but I passed the quarters (ok fine, I know its really innings!) enjoying hanging out with Beau, eating peanuts, and cheering for the Toledo Mudhens...what a great team name:) The highlight for Beau was this: I had stood up and had my back to the baseball field, looking at Beau to ask him a question. Beau all of a sudden yells, "Look out!" and points as if a baseball is going to hit I of course, yell. Mid-yell I realize I just got punked....and a bunch of little kids in front of us and old men behind us start to laugh...luckily I'm a good sport and could laugh along with them! Although I wanted to kill Beau at that moment, it really was a great punk:)

  • Today I toured one of the largest layer hen complexes in the country! There are more than 3 million birds in one location that produce approximately 2.1 million eggs daily. Yes, those are big numbers to wrap your mind around! We went from the barns where the eggs were laid and followed the eggs to the processing plant (on a conveyor belt...the eggs, not us) where they were washed, graded, packed and sent to various locations and in various forms (either in a carton as a "table egg" or cracked and in liquid form). The other sales rep I was with wanted to make sure there was a smidgeon of nastiness for the day so he took me down in the manure pit (hard to explain but the manure from the birds falls down into a concrete pit below the house where you can walk down) to check for flies, maggots, etc....once again, ew. The gentleman talking with us said their most menacing challenge is animal rights activist who sway an uneducated consumer base. The truth (backed by science) is that birds are in cages because its good for the birds! What is good for the bird is whats good for the producer; consumers don't understand that producers want to maximize bird health and productivity and that only happens when the hens are properly cared for.

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!!


Candice said...

You are one busy lady! And tell Beau that getting punked on a ball coming your way is NOT funny! When I was little I got hit in the head twice in the same night, and one even knocked me over the top of the bleachers. So really that's the reason I am the way I am! ;)

Janette's Joys said...

NOW it ALL makes sense, Candice!!! ;)

Wheeles Family said...

Wait, so you're saying your professional opinion is that it's a bad thing that I buy cage free eggs?!

Anonymous said...

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