Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Why do I bother with showering??

Because I just walk outside and am disgusting...not to mention the fact that I've been told that the weather is "nice" right now...ha! Good thing there is no danger of me melting. (No comments, please.)

Day Two completed! And the moral of the story is this: Why, oh why, do I pray for humility and patience??? Because the good Lord is definitely (trying!) to teach me those two things as I find myself being the very paragon ( word yesterday...look it up!) of ignorance combined with severe impatience to overcome the ignorance. Thankfully everyone around me has much more patience with my lack of even basic poultry knowledge than I do! It does look like I will be working mostly with layer hen products....kind of funny, since our family of protein-eaters definitely supports the egg industry in a BIG way:) Fact of the day: there is approximately 1 layer hen in the US for every 1 person.

Both work and my hotel are on the "outside" of town, so I hadn't seen the "downtown" area of our little town yet but I'd heard several people make fun of how small it is. On my way to church tonight though, I was shocked to see how big it was. There is a Home Depot, a Wal-Mart, and even (just for you, Mom!!! Now I know you'll come see me!) a Tractor Supply! The town really is adorable though, complete with a downtown block of OLD brick buildings. Oh, and Nicolette---let me know when you're free to come shopping---there are tons of antique shops around here! Aside from the very center of town, there are cute farm houses and old barns situated in the middle of 10 acre corn fields...everywhere. I wasn't kidding about this being quintessential Midwest!

Anyway, so I had Googled to find a church in the area and was pumped to try it out tonight. Lets just say, my non-white/gray/silver/salt&pepper hair caused me to stick out like a sore thumb! But I think this congregation just might be in severe need of a 23 year old stray puppy such as myself to adopt:) I met a few couples before church and then they mentioned me during the announcements at the end and told everyone to "be sure and shake that girl's hand"...and they ALL listened. One sweet lady offered me a bed at her house and I told her my mom would be glad to know there were kind motherly people around. She instructed me to tell my mom there are "plenty of mother hens around to look after me"! Haha, I do love kind old people:)


Dieting Day By Dy said...
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Heather Lee said...

Sounds like fun Janette!

Helen said...

Yes, I am sooo glad that there are mother hens around to take care of my little chick as she becomes a poultry specialist:)
And, yes, I would love to come visit you there for a number of reasons, besides Tractor Supply. Of course, I caught the comment about the old barns:)
I hope you have a grand time learning a new area of our beautiful country and a new ag industry!
Just remember that patience is a virtue and how we acquire it.
I love you! Mom

Anonymous said...

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