Thursday, June 11, 2009

It was only a matter of time....

until I had an embarrassing story to share... Today, it happened. My supervisor and I were meeting this morning, so at about nine o'clock we headed to the cafeteria where all informal meetings are held. Before we got down to business, we went to get a cup of coffee. So we are standing there visiting at the coffee-getting-spot. He has his coffee already, I'm stirring the Splenda in mine. As I reach to grab the cup off the counter, with all the gracefulness of a true Barnard/Curry, I somehow side swipe the cup and knock it to the floor where, in slow motion, an entire medium size cup of coffee, creamer and Splenda plummetted to the ground...and quickly spread out into an ocean on the floor! Luckily, my supervisor has quick reflexes and he jumped back so no coffee got on him (trust me, I'm thanking my lucky stars for that!!) but my open-toed sandal'ish shoes were baptized in coffee. Just in case you think that cofee is easily wiped off of shoes, don't. These shoes are cork'ish material meaning they soaked up the stickiness so all day long I've been wiping my feet off on the carpet under my desk....ew, I know!

BUT, despite the embarrassing start to our meeting, it ended up being both productive and insight-providing. In addition to visiting more about business matters, we had a long conversation about church involvement in the "Bible Belt" where he is from, versus here in the Midwest. He shared that basically everyone directly straight up (not necessarily across) the organizational chart from me, all the way to the top, is a Christian of some cool is that?!?! I know that a corporate still has corporate-ness, even if it is filled with Christians, but it is encouraging to know that people are at least operating off similar values and goals.

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