Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Facts of the Day

1) Approximately 8.5 BILLION chickens are processed annually in the US!
2) 1 in 4 meat products (poultry, beef, or pork) come from Tyson.
3) 1 out of every 1 of Janette's bosses will remember that she tried to dump coffee on him on her third day on the job, and will likely give her a hard time about that henceforth....
4) 93.99% of Janette's days in Indiana include rain...lots of rain.
5) Grocery stores in Indiana have 97% less tortilla options...seriously, what is a Southwestern girl to do in such a situation?!?!


Jennifer said...

Love it!

Jason said...

Tortillas are bad for you anyway! So.....when can I start "picking" your brain about chickens?!? Candice

Janette's Joys said...

Of course plain tortillas are bad for you, thats why I was looking for the low-carb kind! But alas, they don't have plain ones so no way am I going to find low-carb:(

I'm afraid if you are looking for a chicken-growing coach, I will severely disappoint you...though I will be visiting a commercial layer house on Friday!

Anonymous said...

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