Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chickens and Brazilians

Yesterday I finally got to enter "the field" by visiting two customers with another sales rep...big time "Yay!" for getting out of the office and seeing some real live birds! I had a great day and there was some good learning that took place, but lets just say that I've been promised that my poultry perception can only go up after this first visit. The other sales rep (who is also being called my main "Probation Officer" right now...haha!) told me he was so proud of me for not bolting out the door of the pullet house after we entered and began looking at the maggots in the chicken litter. All I can say is "Ew". It was more of a glimpse of poultry production 20 years ago rather than today...and I'm going to go ahead and say that technology has been good to the poultry industry! So here's to future weeks of visiting high tech operations. Below is a picture of me in my "biosecurity" gear including complete with plastic booties to cover my shoes and coveralls made for a 5,000 lb man...what a hot fashion statement, huh?!?!

My friends Amanda, Jenn, Beau and I set out for a state park today to do some canoe-ing, but unfortunately a storm yesterday thwarted our plans by raising the river level too high. But the day was not shot! Several of Amanda's friends from grad school at Purdue joined us though, and they are all from Brazil. Not only was it fun to hang out with these people from such a fun and friendly culture, but we got to experience a real Brazilian BBQ (Picture the restaurant "Fogo de Chao" meets the boonies!). Family is big in Brazil and its a common part of their culture for upwards of 30 or 40 people to get together and bbq every weekend, all day. They just start throwing meat on the grill and as it comes off, they slice it up and pass it around. You just graze all day! The whole day was just so relaxing and low key and FUN with new friends and old ones, as well.

I'm thankful for another great week in Indiana!


Jennifer Himburg said...

will you put these up on facebook?

miss you!

;) -jenn

Anonymous said...

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