Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recent Convo with my Homefries

I talked to R on the phone this afternoon...or rather he talked to me for a bit about "home", "car", and "Razona". I even got a sweet "wove ew" at the end:)

Then he handed the phone to "Sissy"...
A: I'm going to church tonight. If my classmates aren't there, I'll go to the baby class. They get a juice box AND fruit snacks AND sometimes Lifesavers in there! What do you get at Bible Class, Nette?
Me: We don't get anything.
A: Just a Bible? (said with pity) (Pause) Oh no! R is putting soap on his toothbrush and trying to brush his teeth!
Me: Holler at your mom.
Me: Haha, oh good she'll take care of him.
A: I'm going to the bathroom now, thats why I had to yell.

At this point I was just dying wishing I were there to see the scene unfolding in person...HAHA
I do love our babies!! No wonder Jen calls it a circus...:)

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Jennifer said...

Did you get the first part where he said, "Come to my house, Nette-Nette!"

I'm glad she didn't mention the reason she was in there by herself with him was because I was in the other bathroom:) That might have been embarrassing:)