Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break 09: Part 1

Like the saddle? Thanks Anna;)
Someday I might be as good as she is....

The Bush's house in Dallas!

Our new fun museum in Dallas!

Highlights & Happenings:
1) Super special time with Neenie, Jen, Ross, Anna, Mema, and Karen
2) Going to church at the College Church of Christ where my favorite preacher ever preaches...I wanted to yell like he was a rockstar when he walked up to the pulpit;)
3) During church Anna went to a kids class. I went to pick her up after church and as we walked out she said she had something to tell me after we got out of the church building. As soon as we walked out, she said, "Nette, my class was SO noisy. (with the most disgusted look ever on her face!) They were all first graders but nobody would listen to the teacher!" A rule follower after my own heart.
4) Ross had cane races with Mema between the rooms in the house.
5) NEENIE IS GOING TO NURSING SCHOOOL!!!!!!!! YAY NEENIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are soooo proud and as soon as Brad called to tell her we all started jumping up and down and screaming...including Ross;)
6) A traumatic experience between Ross, a jogging stroller with straps that didn't work, Nette-Nette, and the concrete. Don't ask. Just know there were many tears shed by all involved.
7) The Dallas Heritage Museum with legit 1800-1900 era houses/businesses...a nerdy-historic-learner's haven!
8) The drive by of the Bush's house in Dallas. All the neighbors had these cool signs in the yard that said "Welcome Home George and Laura". I wanted to come back and plunder one tonight in the dark, but Jen said no. Something about setting an example for the kids?
9) The horse riding picnic and extravaganza.
It has been an awesome week so far with some of my favorite people in the whole world!


Anonymous said...

Oh, It sounds like you are having a great time! I love the pictures.:) Give Ross a hug for me. I'm feeling pretty bad for him. Poor little dude.

Heidi is walking pretty good! She is a crack up. Travis is wrapped around her finger. It's so funny! You'll have to come over so you can see and laugh at him. j/k. He is a good daddy. Just the start of a pushover! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot. I was going to tell ya. At least Anna's horse wasn't a Peanut!he he he. You look great. Ready to go riding with....I forgot his name. Anyhow! Have a great time!