Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More SB09 Pics!

Yes, Rossy is wearing big boy under-draws and his "bootses". Someday he'll hate me for posting this:)
Oh what sweet babies!

These are the moments a good Spring Break is made of. And yes, Grace was totally sharing Ross's popsicle:)

Guess who "snapped" this photo? Yep, Banana was so proud of herself!

Are you proud Mimi? I took a "leaving" picture!

Does this help you to visualize the "Cane Races" at Mema's house? Ross is only a little bit ahead of Mema in this picture, but about every third lap he would lap her and get the biggest kick out of it!

This was the start of SB09! Yes, we were all in the front of the car. I guess the kids aren't the only ones who can't handle not being in the middle of things....:)

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