Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Exciting Opportunity and Jonah

After national office, I was really wanting to use all my training in teaching/presenting somehow for God. Last spring Candice and I taught the 1st-3rd grade Bible Class at church, but I was still really wanting to work with high school age kids. It almost worked out in the fall, but then didn't; I had still been praying about it though. Then, this Sunday one of the moms of 2 teenage girls approached me about teaching a high school girls Bible Class on Sunday mornings starting April 18 until I move....and of course, I ecstatically agreed!

I am really excited about this and looking forward to sharing things I have learned/am learning with them but also to learning so much from the girls and the additional motivation to studying my Bible. I never had an opportunity to be part of a class like this, and I am just so eager. But, that brings me to the question of the month: what ideas do y'all have about specific aspects of classes or teaching techniques or anything else that might be valuable to incorporate into the class? Today during Economic Geography I was in full on brainstorming mode and the ideas are flowing, but I definitely still need more. As far as the actual content of the class, I am working on that but am waiting until the first class when I can find out from the girls what they want to study.

I just so pray that I can encourage these girls to hunger for the Lord and to seek His ways in everything.

Also, at Monday night's Bible Study we looked at the book of Jonah (I know what you are thinking..."who did? who did? who did? who did? who did swallow Jo-Jo-Jonah?" :)). I don't know that I had ever sat down and read the book, but its a quick read with some great take homes. Here were a few of mine:

  • Jonah had the same attitude as the Prodigal Son's older brother, of pride and elitism...do I?
  • Jonah had a short term memory when it came to trusting God and His provision....(I won't even bother asking if I do, because I so know the answer to that...)
  • Jonah told the other sailors on the boat who he was and who he believed in, yet they saw him running from the God he professed! Talk about an example incongruent with his words!
  • Jonah had an opportunity to spread God's Word and he ran...
  • God stuck with Jonah through it all. Also in the book you see God's love and compassion, thankfully.
  • Its also easy to see the role of our sovereign God alongside our role as beings with a free will.

Anyway, I just so enjoyed the study and thought y'all might want to share it too:)


Liz said...

When I taught the girls bible study for high school, I spent some time with them going over stuff in their life and just listening. The best way I reached them was to have "coffee" or something with them on the weekends or during the week before we met.

Another thing I did with them was study the book of John. we actually did a study of Jesus and did all his names. They had to read the entire book and write down all the names Jesus, God an the HS were called. it was really interesting and I learned a lot!

Good Luck sister!

Jennifer said...

I am so excited for you! It will be a great experience... just be prepared to learn more than they do:) Thanks for the lesson on Jonah - very Beth Moore of you! (I mean that as a compliment!) And those kids in the post below sure are cute - but are they sweet??