Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Everybody needs a Floyd!

This past Sunday, Mom & Dad, Jason & Candice, and I went to see a man who is briefly in the hospital in Sierra Vista...only he isn't just any man, he is Floyd. Floyd has been going to J-Six Church of Christ for hundreds of years...well, maybe not, but it does seem as though things wouldn't carry on the same if he weren't there to offer hugs and hellos every Sunday with a smile and a "hello young lady!". Floyd is extra special also because he is actually a survivor of Pearl Harbor!

As we were visiting with him on Sunday, he continued to prove that he is sharp as a tack and has a heart of gold. And even though we went to be the encouragers, I think we all came away as the encouraged. At one point he mentioned that he needed to get out of the hospital soon because there is a potluck coming up in a few weeks. Then he said, "Yep, I missed that last potluck and I was MAD." SO, one of my new goals in life is to be an encouraging, example setting, wise older person someday who gets mad about missing potlucks:)

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