Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bear Down, Arizona!

Tonight I cheered on my Wildcats for the last time in McKale Center as an undergrad student, but I know my obsession won't stop with college, because it didn't start here. Growing up around Nina & Papa, who are both avid UA bball fans, I was infected at a young age, especially when the UA won the National Championship in 1997 when I was 12. As a college student, some of my most fun memories include going to bball games w/ Katy, Erin, or Anna, or watching the games with various friends as each season held the hope of another National Championship and always an opportunity for another game and another chance to succeed.

Obviously the company make games fun, but I am also partial to Arizona Pride (the UA pep band that is AWESOME!), the extreme athleticism of the players and watching how teams develop, the best fight song EVER: Bear Down, Arizona; Wilbur & Wilma (yep, I named sheep after both of our mascots). Oh, and towards the end of every game on a time out when the pom line, cheerleaders, etc. come on court there is a little old man that comes out with about 3 layers of UA clothes on...he starts the U-of-A chant, and then takes off a layer of is totally as bizarre as it sounds, but it gets the place riled up like no other! Oh, and of course...the one and only Lute Olson! Coach O retired this year after some health issues, but he was honored tonight for the legacy that he created through his 25 years building the UA basketball program to what it is today. On my list of celebrity-role models, Lute Olson is ranked right next to Laura Bush (and those who know me well know that is a high rank in my book!) not just because of his perfect silver hair or his handsome smile (yeah, I know he is in his 70's but he is still handsome) or because of his extreme winning record or because of his accolades as a Hall of Fame is because of what a good moral man he is who has set an example in the midst of the limelight of integrity, hard work, and a strong marriage with his late wife, Bobbi, who many argue played a bigger role in the UA team's success than Lute. If you are looking for a good read, I HIGHLY recommend reading Coach Olson's book...its good stuff, especially if you want some serious inspiration!
Erin and I enjoying the game at a calm moment...though most of the game was spent on the edge of the seat!

The man himself: LUTE OLSON!

Wilma and I: I just love her:)

The funny UA stripper man...I'm so trying to find out the history on him!

What the UA stripper man did to McKale Center---lit it up!!

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