Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank You, Mr. President

Dear Mr. President,

I just finished watching your address to Congress and I'd like to start out by thanking you for your honesty and transparency. The campaign rhetoric is obviously translating directly to fulfilled promises in the Administration. During the campaign, I (somehow) gleaned that you are against special interest and big business having an impact on Capitol Hill. Thank goodness no special interests are being put ahead of the interests of the American citizens and small business owners, especially in the recent spending bills. Holding true to your liberal roots and ideologies, you are doing a phenomonal job of carrying the torch of integrity. I'm sure Slick Willy is so proud!

Thankfully, you know what we, the American people, want before we do. How did you know that we want a magnetic lightrail to go from Las Vegas to Los Angeles?!?! You must have known how high demand is for this project, since you also assumed our willingness to pay. You must have ESPN! Please thank Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid for that as well, but don't just thank them. Please extend our gratitude to all your cronies, lets be sure and give credit where credit is due. The next several years should be fun as we continue to discover what you think we all need!

In addition, thank you for the for holding my intelligence in such high esteem, and for really digging into the truth of economic principles and political integrity. One doesn't have to dig so deep to see that you really are a mastermind--all the work of the past two weeks has only been to set an example for future generations of how not to respond to economic challenges and to prove that the power of America lies in empowering its citizens. Thank you for your servant leadership and willingness to put the good of the future generations first.

I especially want to thank you for pointing America back to God. Prayer lives across America should be revived and rejuvenated in response to the fabulous work of the Administration.

Respectfully Submitted,

A US Citizen who is not quite as dumb as she looks (or as you obviously think she is)

So on that note of utmost snottiness, I'm vowing to myself that tonight is the last time I watch Obama speak, Sean Hannity analyze or anything close to political television right before bed! Forgive me (oh please forgive me!)...but seriously?!?!


Allison said...

Love it! I vote Janette Barnard for pres! And really, was that speech worth postponing American Idol???

Pop Pop Pop said...

You are right on track with your thoughts, maybe you won't have to wait until actually becoming pres in order to cause change (sorry I couldn't resist using the verrry tired cliche).

I especially endorse your plan to avoid such "stimulants" just before bedtime. None of us can continually deal with nightmares. Anything that causes this much pain can't be good in excessive doses. It is important to understand what is going on around us, but it is not necessary to hear it repeated every two minutes...all day long...every day. Take an example from the calves, who when they first run into the electric fence, learn to avoid it most of the time from that point on.

Kendra said...

I love you! I could not agree more with your thoughts. Just so you know, reading your blog is one of my new favorite things. It makes me miss you though. :)