Saturday, February 28, 2009

Showers and Subway

Today I got to reconnect with one of my college roomies from my first year at the UA, Shamarie. That year I had one of the best blessings: wonderful roommates in Katy, Sha, and Anna. I knew Katy and Anna through FFA, but not super well, and I had never met Sha before....but through the late study nights, ice cream runs, early morning walks, shopping trips, cooking dinners (and usually desserts), instant messaging each other from our bedrooms and then writing lol and then hearing each other lol for real, and chasing bad guys out of our ghetto neighborhood together, we all became such good friends. Right now is an especially special time for Anna as she prepares for her wedding in April! Today was Anna's first bridal shower and after we had showered and celebrated Anna, we had to have a "roommate" picture...the 4 of us will forever be "the roommates":)

As Sha and I were driving to the shower, we were hungry and stopped at Subway for lunch. The following conversation ensued:
Sha: Wow Janette, good job ordering the salad and being healthy!
Me: Yeah, I have GOT to lose some backfat so I can fit into Anna's bridesmaid dress.
Subway Lady behind the counter making my salad: I knew I had to lose some weight when my back breasts were bigger than my front breasts!
Sha and I laughed hysterically...almost the whole rest of the 2 hour drive to Cottonwood:)


Jennifer said...

I can sooo identify! Although, I must admit - I worry more about my number of chins than what I can't see beind me. Although, a knit shirt is my friend because it stretches over my back breasts as well as my front one:)

Janette's Joys said...

Um, don't you mean front oneS?? Oh, but this is a funny topic:)