Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mountain Lions, and Lambs, and Snow---oh my!

In the midst of the beautiful winter weather this weekend, we had some excitement...to say the least.

Excitement 1:
Saturday morning my mom had to take some ewes to town. No prob, I will feed and check everyone. As we go outside to load up the ewes though, there are two ewes about to be in labor. Once again, no prob. Mom leaves. I put the first ewe (Dixie---the official matriarchal ewe of my flock!) in a pen. Dixie appears to be the furthest along. I get her settled with straw, etc. I go to get the second ewe (Belle) in a pen....and now she has feet sticking out her hindmost parts and won't let me catch her to put her in a pen! I wrestle (please take that as literally as I mean it) Belle into a pen, just in time to look over at Dixie...who is now progressing more rapidly than Belle. (Can you capture the chaos of the moment in your minds eye??) I hop over to Dixie and stare at the nose/feet poking out....anxiously weighing whether or not I should pull the lamb (Please note: I HATE gook. HATE.) As I'm contemplating, I look over and see that Belle has half a lamb out already! I jump to Belle, dry off the lamb, make sure its breathing. I start looking for the iodine, and realize that Dixie now has a baby. So there I was trying to get both babies dried off and breathing good....have you seen the movie Father of the Bride 2? I have a sincere love of Steve Martin in that movie, but especially now that I can totally relate to the whole 2 babies at once conundrum! On a side note, all babies are doing wonderfully:)

Excitement 2:
Mom and I went to check cows across the railroad tracks. On the road over there, we notice some funny looking animal tracks. Here are all our clues:
1) Tracks are recent---it had been raining about an hour before.
2) There are 2 animals heading North, then East (as in towards our house!)
3) Tracks are about 4 inches long and have no claw marks.
Upon referring to the ever so trusty Google, we learned that our tracks belonged to 2 mountain lions! Yikes! Very creepy, but still pretty cool:)

And the snow topped mountains made for a beautiful spin on our gorgeous desert...hope you like the pics!

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