Friday, January 9, 2009

Two of my favorite people in the whole world!!! Kendra from CA and Banana from AZ after a fun morning of shopping and eating at Eastern Market.
We thought we were oh so cool at the RNC Party in DC...despite the dismal end to the evening, we tried to be joyful, but such great company made it easy:)

Coty, Whitney, and I went back in time to the location of the Battle of Gettysburg, in Gettysburg, PA. There is a driving tour of the battlefield and then a cheesy museum to follow (complete with a wax/plastic Abraham Lincoln that rose from the floor and then delivered Gettysburg Address)! This was a tower that we found where we could look out and see all kinds of farms...awesomeness. Oh and P.S. I am sooo going to miss my "One Tree Hill" club buddies! Any newcomers want to join the club?

Don't look at my arms in this picture, but these were my fellow West Wing Tourists after we had completed our tour of the West Wing...that is the Oval Office over Candice shoulder to the right. This was during a fun, fUN, FUN weekend of sight-seeing and special visitors!

I just love this picture of such an important building...and with the beautiful fall leaves, so beautiful! That was honestly one of my favorite things about living in DC was just the gorgeous leaves all throughout October-November...somehow this desert-rat missed the whole leave change thing growing up:)

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