Friday, January 9, 2009

Still Going....

This is the sweet family from church who took in a stray puppy from Arizona for Thanksgiving and made me feel as welcome as could be! They are from Oklahoma, so their accents made me feel awfully close to home:)
Leigh, Patrick, and I...and Pumpkin, the Official Thanksgiving Turkey that was pardoned by President Bush. This was taken before his looooooooong, fiiiiiinal, not to the slaughter house! To Disneyland to live out the rest of his life in the lap of luxury...Jen, you think your kids' turkeys are aspiring to be Pumpkin when they grow up??? ;)

This was the Curry FFA reunion in Indy with cousins Heath and Jessie and Ronnie James...I really do love that FFA has such roots in several branches of the family tree and that it is continuing to do so!

ADORABLE houses behind the I need to say anything else? (Other than I want to clarify that these homes are for LOOKING----NOT for living, b/c they are entirely too close!)

Meet Barney, President Bush's dog! Cool, huh?

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