Friday, January 9, 2009

More Catch Up

Halloween in our building is not child's is serious business! The goal is to create a "buzz" about your decorations so the BIG dogs want to come by...the First Lady's Chief of Staff brought her daughter's by...twice! I suppose our mission was accomplished:)
This is our crew in front of the entrance to the "Haunted Hospital"...don't we look spooky? We definitely toned down everything for the little ones, but we did get a reputation as the scary office...Tim and Joe finally gave up because they were "tired of making little girls in princess dresses cry".

Most of my team at our wonderful reunion at National Convention! It was soooo fun to be together again....

This is the White House after Mrs. Bush lit it up pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month...beautiful or what???

This is me in front of the White House that same night, waiting for Mrs. Bush to speak....and she was amazing, of course!
Sorry for the sporadic-ness of the blog...I've got several months to catch up on:)

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