Friday, January 9, 2009

I'll stop soon....

Oh also on Thanksgiving my friends Shannon, Stefanie, Karen and I ran 5 kilometers in a "Turkey Trot" race in DC. The course ran alongside the Potomac and near the Jefferson Memorial and the Washington Monument. Phenomonal!! (But as much as I'd like to lead you on, I can't let anyone believe that just b/c I ran in a 5k that I stayed in shape while I was in DC....)
This was when I was in Texas and got to spend the day with R...first we went and had lunch at school with A, and then R and I went to Jen's class. Jen was getting on to her students for not paying attention and doing their worksheet and for not R crawled in the desk with his book and said "I working!"

Sonic never tasted so good as in our special treat of enjoying lunch at school special to see A in her big girl element of kindergarten:) Though I felt like I was being a good aunt, I know R didn't like it too much when I pretended we were out of ketchup just so I didn't have to help him put it on his corn dog...I blame you, Uncle Jason, for that!!! ;)

Uncle Jason and R at Mema and Grampa's house....if R (and Jason) looks extremely happy, its b/c he is!!! They had so much fun playing! Though our reason for gathering together was not happy, it was so special for so much of our family to be together and to be reminded how blessed we are by the relationship of family.

We love our Mema so much!

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