Friday, January 9, 2009

December gallavanting, friends, and family fun:)

I think the next generation is learning all the important things in life: mountains are beautiful, the field is the best photo place, horses are fun to ride, hunting is good, and siblings are your best friends ever.
Sister/niece time is just too special...especially in the Stronghold! Our Neenie is quite the little mountain goat, so she made sure A and I tried our best to be too...we were trying so hard to keep up w/ Neenie until she skinned her knee all up, then we decided we might not need to follow EVERY step she took:) Our hunter/shooter men/women...don't they look rough??

Hillbilly or not, we had fun in the back of that pickup going to check Mom's cows:)

I love being home!!!!!! The picture doesn't even BEGIN to capture the beauty of the rainbow---God is such a good artist:)

Some of my favorite, best, most encouraging, wise friends ever:) I am so blessed!

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