Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Yesterday was a day of change. Change of gargantuous proportion. Change that shakes your world up and gets you all discombulated, like a baby calf being dropped on its head out of the pickup (Not directing that to you at all, Mom...). Let me describe this change for you...

I have been an avid Diet-Pepsi'holic for some time now. But, being blessed with such wonderful roommates (Thank you Brittany b!) who convinced me to quit drinking last February, I did. And I enjoyed a blissful, healthy, caffeine-free period of life throughout the spring...and the summer...then I went to DC and sleep became something to wish upon a star I started drinking again. Then when I was home over Christmas break, I would occasionally have a diet cherry pepsi with my Mom (When in Rome? And I didn't even have to doctor it up like I do the coffee with Nina and Papa!).

This brings me to yesterday. I'd just gone to Economic Geography AND Macroeconomics. Feeling a brain overload, I thought, "well, I'll just have ONE diet pepsi...just this once." Keep in mind, the University of Arizona is a proud Pepsi campus which has always worked great for me! So, I walk to the Student Union (Oh, it feels so good to be a student again!) turn down the hall to find the Pepsi machine and much to my chagrine, I find instead....a COKE Machine. Hmmm...thats odd, no big deal though. I shrug it off and eagerly walk to another building to find a Diet Pepsi (which by this point I am totally craving)...and find another COKE machine. Apparently, some ya-hoo changed my campus from Pepsi Products to Coke. I HATE change.

So, this is a caffeine-free blogger here drinking Crystal Light Peach Mango Green Tea and being (well trying anyway) thankful for if only all the change coming from yesterday could be good for my health:)

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Jennifer said...

Keep in mind - some change is good... diet coke is soooo much tastier than diet pepsi:)