Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blood Pressure Medicine---PLEASE!

I will never make it through the semester at this rate...thankfully Erin is a willing workout buddy so we've been exercising everyday, though I think I need many more hours than I've been getting of exercise in order to combat the frustration level at times! (I know what you are thinking, CHILL OUT DUDE! I'm almost there...really, I'm so, so close.)

Today I was sitting in my Economic Geography class and we were talking about the value of Natural Resources. The professor is very liberal but he just ALMOST is able to cover it up as he teaches the class and discusses how to handle the management and allocation of natural resources. Today we were talking about how the world's oil supply will only last about 40 more years. Then he put up a slide listing the alternatives: coal, hydro, geothermal, solar, etc. Yet he had a reason for why none of them are sufficient, either because of their pollution levels or their price inefficiency. As I sat listening and taking this all in, my mind reasoned that there are 3 alternatives at this point:

  1. We realize that our environmental standards are unrealistic and we lower them which allows us to use energy that is found here in the US such as coal...which really means that we realize taking care of people is what is most important.
  2. We trust in the free market system and the knowledge that, always in our history, technology has come to the rescue, and we assume that technological advances will enable us to have some type of cheap, abundant energy.
  3. Our economy ceases to function.
I don't claim to be smart on any of this, but as best I can tell these are the only options. This led me to a different train of thought (stay with me, I know I'm sporadic).

Gen 1:28 ...Be fruitful and increase in number, fill the earth and subdue it.

I just got to thinking that God, in his perfect wisdom and knowledge, would not have told us to "fill the earth" if he had not created the earth to support life on it....even at the earth's full capacity (which we are incapable of knowing what that is or dictating that)! Matthew 6:25-34 tells us that God promises to provide for us. I don't mean to say that we don't have to work hard and be innovative (enter technology, etc.) but there is a fundamental faith that says that I do not need to stay awake at night worrying that oil is scarce because God created this Earth so perfectly that it will support us. ALL of us. Hand in hand with those thoughts are the fundamental differences in a believer and a non-believer's approach to conservation of the environment: as Christians, we believe that we are to be stewards of the land and use it wisely to provide for US, vs. a non-believer who believes we should delete people from the equation altogether so the Earth can sit and look pretty (for who???).

Okay fam, do y'all agree/disagree with that? Maybe I'm just simplistic and slow on the uptake and y'all have already thought of all this nonsense in those terms....

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