Friday, August 15, 2008

A WONDERFUL time...everywhere!

So when I left Nicaragua, I left behind my good blogging habits...but I am back on board now:)

In order to avoid a true Janette-style (ridiculously long) blog, I am going to bullet the highlights of my time since I landed on good ol' US of A soil.

-Kacy's wedding: Jamie, Jenn, Coty, Beau and I had a blast being Kacy's cheerleaders as she and Zack were married. It was quite the reunion and although Vegas isn't really my favorite city, we just so enjoyed each other...not to mention, Kacy really was the prettiest bride ever and her and Zack seemed incredibly happy...what more could we ask for??

-HOME! Who knew Cochise, Arizona was so pretty??? I had forgotten what my mountains, alfalfa (sorry Jason and Candice..not yours, mine...j/k), sheep and family all looked like. Oh and of course Cocoa. I have gotten to spend fun time with Nicolette and the kiddoes, the Grandils, and my Anna G...and several more people are on my list before I leave; but these are pretty key ones:)

-Andrea's Wedding: My mom and I enjoyed some quality time on a road trip to TX to meet up w/ Jen, Neen, and A for a "girls slumber party" as A called it and then to go see the whole crew in Oklahoma at the wedding....we always love our time with our Okie cousins, but getting to play together at the wedding, then swim at the house, and then go eat supper together was all just EXTRA special time. The only bad thing was that it really made me feel old! We are so, so lucky to have sooo many fun people in that crew to spend time with and just enjoy...literally from young to old and everywhere in between:) Oh, and Erika and I are planning to go to Egypt, Morocco and wherever else our parents will let us go...woohoo for my new travel buddy!!!

-Week in Texas: Seeing Neenie, Mom, Jen, and the kids was super fun for the weekend and then I loved also getting to spend time w/ Jen and R and A. There is just something so cool about extended time with people and getting to incorporate yourself into their lives and just do everything together. Plus R and A are just the cutest, funnest kids ever...its true! Although R only said Nette-Nette a few times and usually called me Mimi, he also spent the week looking out the front window and "spying on the neighbors", trying to "po" (mow?), and walk around making a noise that I don't know how to spell but sounds like a weed eater...with everything he could get his hands on! But perhaps my favorite was when he walked around saying "go, gO, GO!"....he even woke us up yelling that from his crib one morning:)
A continues to mature entirely too quickly and to be incredibly grown-up and fun. We especially enjoyed our pedicure party (yep, she did my toenails....!) and our cupcake decorating party and the swimming and the shopping and seeing her ride her horse and especially everything else we got to do....aka we enjoyed it all:)
Jennifer and I had great sister time...I have recently come to realize just how special a sister is and what a very, very cool friendship that ALL my sisters and I are blessed with!

-Michigan: I went to Michigan for a scholarship I was very blessed to get and met some of the nicest fertilizer salesmen ever at the conference. The main guy I visited with was the father of 9 kids, a former chef, and a humble but devout Christian. My favorite "nugget" from him was this: "None of us are equipped to deal with life and all its pressures on our own. The ONLY way we can do so gracefully is by the grace of God." Cool, huh? There were several people there who knew Jason/Papa/Ed which was fun too...though lets be honest, I felt entirely uneducated as we walked through the research farm looking at all the fertilizer experiments on crops. After staying awake for 22.5 hours I even made it home!


Anonymous said...

Jan, we had such a good time seeing you. I'm so glad your bloging again. We hope your doing good. We can't wait to see you again. :)

Candice said...

I'm just happy to hear that your alfalfa looks so good!