Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthdaversary!

August 13th was a big day in Cochise as Candice celebrated her b-day and Mom and Dad celebrated 35 years of marriage...wow! I decided the appropriate celebration tool was a surprise cake...decorated by yours truly....complete with John Deere trimmings. I did not want to exclude either celebration so the obvious solution was to combine them:)

Unfortunately, I stink about surprises, especially ones I am really excited about and so I ended up spilling the beans to both Mom and Candice about what I was planning to do...I ended up decorating the cake at Candice's house and receiving top-notch coaching. We had so much fun!! (And she even pretended to be a bit surprised at the offical revealing!)

Pride may be a sin, but I was absolutely filled to the brim with it as Nina and Papa and Mom and Dad and Jason and Candice and I sang "Happy Birthdaversary to y'all" sitting at my first official (almost) decorated by myself cake. Now THAT is a milestone in a young girl's life:)


Candice said...

Oh, you go ahead and just be proud of yourself! And you did make the cake all by yourself!! Thanks again for that really sweet birthday surprise!

Anonymous said...

Good job Jan! That looks awesome. It's great that you got the "bug." I would love to do a cake with you all and your skills!

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