Monday, July 14, 2008

Tranquilo Encanto

Picture the calm, blue horizon stretching out from rocky bluffs mixed in with smooth sand in front of a cute little pueblo (town) with colorful Nicaraguan style buildings/houses. Imagine seeing all that view while sitting in a pool on a hill in the midst of a beautiful resort called Pelican Eyes….and welcome to our weekend in San Juan del Sur.

At about noon on Friday, Amanda, Roger, Diego (from Costa Rica but originally from Argentina also) and I headed south for our big weekend trip to San Juan, which is the most popular tourist attraction in Nicaragua that everyone has told me about forever now. Of course, nothing gets better than a good road trip with some Argentines jamming out to some Spanish music!

Our hotel was actually a really cool “house” with 2 bedrooms, bathrooms a kitchen, a great porch view and tons of stairs up the hill to get there…so you definitely enjoyed it after you worked so hard to get up there! It was literally just gorgeous though. One of the highlights was the swimming pool and spending time there, just chilling out and relaxing all cool and swimming inside the pool…hehe, I know I am so funny:) I capitalized on the free time to actually get some swimming exercise which felt amazing, and even better to read a book about a ranch in New Mexico…when Roger and Diego asked me about it, they had a terrible time understanding the point of a book about a life on a ranch. But let me assure you I enjoyed it!

We tooled around the “city” a bit and just relaxed and had soooooo much fun together. Seriously, Roger, Diego, and Amanda are all just so fun and we really had the best time. And just to help you understand Argentinians a bit better, here is what Roger gave me as financial advice: “Buy an Argentinian for what he is worth, and sell him for what he thinks he is worth…you will make millions!” Anyway, they were great tutors and worked to further my Espanol, though Amanda’s main advice is to get a Latino boyfriend….hmmmm.

The beach in San Juan was nice to look at from our swimming pool at the hotel, but it wasn’t that great of a beach for playing in so we drove about 30 minutes on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere to get to another beach….but seek and ye shall find because we landed at an amazing beach! There were a few other people but no buildings really, just beach, trees and rocks. It was gorgeous! At one point, Amanda and I had wandered off walking on the beach. I was standing in the water and she was about 20 feet away next to the trees…all of a sudden we heard a loud “grwwwmmm” from a Howler monkey who remained hidden but certainly let us know he was there. Definitely a first for me!

We got back about six yesterday afternoon and then I took Amanda to my favorite Nica restaurant which she loved…I have to admit I felt a bit of pride that she liked “our” food:)

2 Corinthians 12:11
I may be a fool, but you drove me to it.

But for real:
Ephesians 6:10
Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.

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Jennifer said...

We saw spider monkeys at the zoo, and tried to imagine seeing them in the wild. They seemed awfully big! Were yours about half as tall as you?? With hands as large as yours?? Not sure I want to run into that in the wild...

Anna is dying to type to you - this is her message...
love anna ross

We love you so much! And while we love hearing about your escapades, we are REALLY excited about you coming to see us!