Monday, July 14, 2008

Mi Nombre

Oh I keep forgetting this, but it is one of my favorite things about Latin America...the way the say my name...well, attempt to say my name is more accurate:)

Here is a typical first conversation...
Otro persona: Hola, mucho gusto! Como te llama?
Mi: Igual, mucho gusto! Me llama es Janette.
Otro persona (now with a very, very confused look on their face): Eh...como?
Mi: (now with a very, very amused look on my face): JA-NETTE
Otro persona (still confused): Geenuh?
Mi (still amused): Ja-Ne-TTe
Otro persona: Ah...Geenah!
Mi: Sure:)

Hehe, I love it:)

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Jennifer said...

Just one more name to add to your list:)