Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Un despacio caballo! hehe

Hola todos!

I have a few misc stories that I am excited to share...once again, please pardon the poor punctuation...

First of all, on Sunday morning for breakfast I ate my FRESH pineapple...oh my goodness, it was so delicious! Then Sunday afternoon, I was going to make juice from pitahya, which is a beautiful bright pink fruit. I cut it open and on the inside it was the deepest purple you can possibly imagine....muy, muy purple. So, I mixed up my pitahya, lemon juice, sugar, ice and then I added in leftover pineapple....is your mouth watering yet???? It was muy, muy rico! Definitely a perk of spending the summer in the tropical rain forest.

Story 2 is sort of for my Dad....not that I am saying you drive slow or anything Dad, I would NEVER say that! However, as I was driving to work yesterday morning there was a horse cart in the road...and the horse had decided to go backwards....literally....in the highway!! It brought to mind the phrase "if he was going any slower he´d be going backwards"....and for some reason I thought of my Dad? I love you Daddy!!...smiley face

The past couple of days I have been visiting supermarkets. In Nicaragua, lots of people get kicked out of bars for being too wild...but few have the distinction of being kicked out of supermarkets...multiple supermarkets. smiley face. As I visit the supermarkets, they dont really like a white girl standing by their cold cuts case for multiple hours taking notes...a few times though, the "no intiendo" card has bought me a few minutes..lol It has been fun getting more into my project because basically I am piecing together a big huge puzzle! My analytical side is enjoying it, especially now that I am feeling much more purposeful and not just sitting around waiting for something to do.

So, now I am at the mall to do some bloggin and callin. I left my house and confidently drove here, because by now I have mastered the short route. However, today en route there was a policeman on foot in the middle of the road. He motioned for me pull over. I did. Then I rolled my window down about a quarter of an inch (they make movies about this kind of thing!) and he asked for my papers and my license, so I gave them to him. He started asking me how long I was here, who I work for, if I was here by myself....let me tell you that I understood every single word out of that man´s mouth, but I definitely played the "no intiendo" card! He was pretty machismo and he just stood there for a bit holding my documents and deciding what to do...keep in mind I had done nothing. Then he finally gave them back and let me go. My hands were shaking afterwards, but I suppose it is just another story to add to the book, eh?

Last night there were several managers from the other Central American countries who were in town, and I got to go to a soccer game with them....I didnt play, just watched because they were INTENSE about it! Soccer is not quite as big here as in other Latin American countries, but it is still a very near and dear subject to their hearts. I got to practice a lot of Spanish last night...I am getting better for sure, but sometimes I just feel like a very ignorant person. Oh, and I am also learning Spanish via the radio as well now as I cruise the streets of Nicaragua jamming out to the Spanish songs...it is kind of fun to try and figure out the words, even though I am absolutely positive that it is good I dont know all the words or I would probably be blushing a lot.

Other than that, all is well in week number 4 of Nicaragua! I have a memory verse, but I just wrote it down this morning and I already forgot it....wow, that is not very good memorizing huh?

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Candice said...

Just between you and me....Jason had to look up a word in you email! I think it was the word for management. However, it's great that you are learning Spanish, but Jason and I have been learning German. With our baler, it's much easier if you speak a little German. So, Guten Morgin to you and hope you have a great day!