Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Oh, and I promised Nina that I would write more about Nicaragua in general so here it is...I cant remember what I already wrote, so forgive me if this is repetitive!

Basically from November to May is summer or the dry season, and from May to October is rainy season or winter. When they say rainy season, they mean it! It literally has rained almost every day, except for while Neenie was here...Neenie, I guess you were just good weather luck! There are lots of tropical storms obviously.

The terrain really varies depending on how far north you are, but there are lots of volcanoes and lakes everywhere and trees and green and flowers. Nina, there are so many of your favorite Fire trees with the really pretty orange blooms! I have tried to take lots of pictures of them. Apparently, Nicaragua is heaven on earth for bird watchers...I dont know much about birds but I am really becoming accustomed to waking up to really pretty songs of various birds.

The local currency is cordobas, which is about 20 cordobas for one dollar. However, you can pretty much use dollars anywhere also and quite often receipts have dollars and cordobas.

As I get into the culture more, I am really trying to understand the political and cultural history of the country and it is absolutely crazy here...I dont want to explain much now, not until I know more. What I do know is that prior to the Sandonistas being in power the first time, this country had the strongest economy in all of Central America....not now.

I think Mom and Dad have always taught us to value learning and education, but being here and seeing the difference an opportunity for education makes has enforced that even more. I feel absolutely spoiled because of the education I am getting and the opportunities I have is so hard for me to fathom that not every one has the same about teaching you to count your blessings, huh?

This coming week will hold lots more cool experiences as I visit more markets, some chicken farms, and get to work even more on my project!

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