Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mi cerebro es frito!

Hola todos!

Just to translate, the title says "my brain is fried"...that pretty much sums up today at work:) I am excited to be back at the mall to blog though...a whole week without? That is way too long, for me anyway:) I suppose I will try and be more brief than usual and just hit the highlights....

1) Work
I have basically completed the first half of my project as far as going out into the streets and all the places where our product is sold in order to learn about the market and how we fit into the overall picture. Now I am working to develop some suggestions of how to position our brands, so I am thinking...a lot...which is a bit challenging for this girl. However, I LOVE getting to look at the big picture and try and work the puzzle pieces together. I absolutely cannot believe I only have 4 more weeks from tomorrow here in Nicaragua, which means not much longer to finish this up so I am really trying to work hard.

I visited another market the other day with Jose Luis, it is called Huembes. After Oriental (the big scary one!) I was a bit timid to visit Huembes, however it was MUCH cleaner, and calmer, and was even indoors. They sell absolutely everything though! From socks to mangos, they have it all. There is a big section that is handmade crafts, etc. so I am hoping to make it back there before I come home.

2) Misc Fun
My friend Melisa from work and I have been hanging out lately...she knows all the good spots to eat. We went last week to a "fritanga" which is just slang for a type of restaurant where everything is fried...but delicious:) I had carne asada, gallopinto, aguacate, tajadas (which are plantains fried in long strips like chips) and guava juice...oh my goodness it was good:) I have really been capitalizing on the fact that I am in the land of fruits and juices! Oh, and Melisa and I are going this weekend to Ometepe...I CANNOT wait! I have been assured some monkey sightings even:)

3) The weekend
Friday night I went to Galerias to a restaurant with my friend Ruth and Eduardo (who I went to visit the farms with...I know the previous post said Rod....thats what I thought his name!). I had sooo much fun with them and 2 of their friends from Honduras; they are just a super nice couple and have really made me feel welcome. I love it when they all talk though because they tell stories in English, but use Spanish is great:) Oh, also...I confessed my secret crush on Oscar to them...Eduardo said that when he went home he told Ruth how impressed he was at the way I had conversed in Spanish with Oscar...he said that know he knows why:) hehehe

Saturday I went to the defensive driving course at work. Let me tell you, there is a reason it is against the law to talk on the phone and drive...because it literally takes all 10 eyes in the front/back/side of your head to drive safe here! I learned a bit more about driving and policies, nothing exciting...except that I finally learned how to correctly drive in the rotundas....God had been taking care of me because I had spent about 2 weeks in the wrong lane most of the time...oh my.... Oh, and the other day I was driving along on a side road and a taxi stopped RIGHT in front of brake pulling to the all...just stopped...who does that?!?!?!

The rest of the day I just hung out and read a book called The is AMAZING and I highly recommend it. Although some might call that a boring Saturday, I loved it:)

Sunday Roger and I drove to Didiamba, Jinotepe and Granada just to sightsee. I love, love, love the scenery everywhere here and all of the small towns....these were no different! We ate lunch at a place called Restaurant Wyoming (go figure!) and of course, it was delicious...what isnt delicious here? That night we went with Ligia from work to see Super (Secret? I forget!) Agent 86 and it was hiiiiiilarious...I literally laughed the whole movie:)

4) Spanish
Yesterday I saw someone send an email that said "PTI"...and then I realized that is the Spanish version of "FYI":) Also, Melisa has a Strawberry Shortcake pencil at her desk...only it says "Rosita Fresita"...isnt that great??

Lately there have been a lot of times when someone comes to our hall looking for Norma , and no one is around but I have to talk in Spanish and explain where everyone is. This is great for me, especially when I watch the person I am talking to as they realize how little Spanish I know but that I can still usually get my point across...its fun:) The other day there was a girl who came in and we talked in Spanish as I told her where everyone was, and then she started to walk away. She hesitated and then came back and asked me if I minded if she practiced English with me...of course not! So now with my friend Simele she talks in English only and I speak in Spanish only. She is 22 yrs old, has a full time job, is finishing college, and has 2 kids! Wow, she is my hero! She is super nice though and I think we are going to have lunch together tomorrow:)

Also, there is a lady who comes in a lot who is soooo funny! She only speaks Spanish and she speaks it really fast to me so I only get a little of what she says, but I still know she is hilarious:) She was giving me a hard time today about Nicaraguan men....oh my:)

It is officially a life goal to speak Spanish by the time I turn I have 14 months to jump on it.

Oh also, I dont know which of the above category this fits under but I have to share: People down here wear a lot of shirt with misc. logos/states, etc. and I always wonder if they know what the shirts say or represent....then this week at the plant, there was a guy wearing a 4-H shirt!! I got so excited:) It said "4-H: Raisin' Rookies!" but I am fairly certain the guy didnt know about 4-H although now I am holding out hope to see an FFA shirt:)

I hope this all makes sense, sorry I have slacked on the blog and am not telling stories very well tonight...Here is the memory verse, I hope yall like it:)
Romans 12:12
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.


Candice said...

I know about the "mi cerebro is frito"! The kids in my advanced class at horse camp are keeping me on my toes! Aren't they on summer vacation? Why are they using their brains, then causing my brain to work?!? Glad you're having so much fun, but could really use you changing nozzels!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad to see the post! I love the rosita fresita! We will have to incorporate that somehow. I can't believe you didn't blog about R telling you he loves you! Honestly, that might be the highlight of my summer so far, and it has had several highlights! Too cute! I love you! And while I know you are feeling the pressure of finishing your project and doing a good job, I am soo excited for you to come visit us! So - Aunt Candi - you will have to do without your nozzel changer a little longer! Actually, why don't you just come with Nette and leave Uncle Bubba to do the changin'!:) Oh - and I LOVE the verse. Definitely starting the memorizing tonight!