Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mas Divertido!

This morning I walked to my car to drive to work, but the security guard Irvin informed me I had a flat, Irvin being the wonderful human being he is (no really, he is so nice!) said that he could change the tire for me. Que perfecto! Pero, once the spare tire was on the car and he took the jack out and let the car down...we realized the spare was flat also. Que malo! I called Javier who sent Fransisco to rescue this damsel in distress, and of course, he saved the day so that I could get to work and then Fransisco fixed my car for me and had it waiting for me at the office this afternoon...have I mentioned how well they take care of me?

I had several really great Spanish conversations today....I really, really like speaking Spanish and learning it. I have to admit, I am a bit nervous as I learn more and more because I realize more and more how little I know and how cryptic my grammar is....sound familiar to another conversation we had Dad? Anyway, it made me feel really good because Norma, the secretary in the office, speaks only Spanish and at first she didnt really talk to me and I didnt think she liked we were talking so good though and when someone asked me when I leave and I said July, she said that I HAD to stay longer than that! Definitely a warm fuzzy feeling for me...smiley face.

I went to the markets in Granada today with Jose Luis. It was a good trip, just learning more about the product...I am going to be honest, I realized today that Jose Luis is very, very confusing. (I went with him last week to markets in the Northern part of the country.)
Por ejemplo, a conversation of ours..., our product is not selling here because the price is too high?
JL....yes, the people make too much money and they dont buy our product.
JB...(very confused) wait, if they make more money why are they not buying our product?
JL...because they like our taste.
JB...(more confused) wait, if they like our taste shouldnt they be buying more?
JL...yes, that is why they think it is too expensive.
Oy vey.

Then this afternoon Benjamin (pronounced Benhameeen) took me to a supermarket, which is owned by Wal Mart but is a sad version. Anyway, Benjamin is soooo nice and is honestly one of my favorite people here...he is one of those people that just makes you want to hug him because he exudes niceness! He answered a lot of questions, but lets be honest...sausages and mortadelas (no clue how that even translates, but it is a nasty looking piece of meat that people buy tons of here!) are more confusing than one could ever imagine. Seriously. But I suppose that is part of the fun!

Anyway, I am about to head home and watch Friends with spanish subscripts....woohoo! Mi favorito!

Oh, the memory verse is a repeat, but I love it anyway so here it is....
1 Peter something something
Humble yourselves therefore, under Gods mighty hand and in due time he will lift you up. Cast all your anxiety on him, for he cares for you.

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