Monday, June 2, 2008

Hurricane Alma

I am so sorry these get so long, but it is hard to pack multiple days in a foreign country into a clean, concise paragraph! I am in the office today (Monday) with full email capabilities from my work account, so I am going to try and catch up. Tomorrow I will be leaving with a sales supervisor for a few towns about 2-3 hours away, where I will be visiting municipal markets and really getting into the meat of my brand study. I will return on Thursday to Managua, but will be visiting more markets on Friday all day. I am so hoping to find an Internet café and blog this weekend, but it might be next week before I really get to. Anyway, I am going to just jump in...

Thursday (5/29):
Thursday morning when I woke up it was pouring….and I mean POURING. It continued throughout the day, courtesy of Hurricane Alma! I didn’t realize at first that it was a hurricane, and (silly as this might be…) I was sort of excited to say that I was in my first hurricane ever. I think I now need a lamb named Alma, for sure. Because of the rain, when I got to the office things were…interesting. The office building is fairly old and a lot of the ceiling panels are missing. On a dry day, this is no problem but on a day with torrential downpours it wreaks havoc. Picture regular cubicles and offices everywhere, along with buckets and trashcans…everywhere! The ceiling was leaking all over the place and lots of people had to move to a new workspace. I was fine, but I just couldn’t pull out my keyboard all day because it was right in the line of fire of a serious stream. I think I might have won the game because at the end of the day my bucket was really full!

The ONLY thing I did at work on Thursday was go to the hatchery. Javier had warned me that I would have to shower before I went inside, because of disease prevention. Thank goodness he had warned me, or when the Spanish speaking lady handed me a towel I would have been even more confused than I already was! Okay, there is more story here that I am going to have to share with the females in my life but somehow I don’t feel right posting it on the blog…possibly the scariest moment in my life for this really modest girl!

The hatchery was really interesting! They import eggs from US and Panama, so those poor little chickies start out with a rough ride. I saw all the incubators and even a few freshly hatched little chickens. Avian Influenza has not hit here, but they are very cautious about diseases. The company owns the hatchery, the farms, and the processing plant and it is really interesting to hear everyone talk about the coordination needed among the three facets and also the affects of small changes along the supply chain on the other areas.

Thursday night Fransisco took me for more driving lessons! I was feeling MUCH more comfortable and was doing fairly well driving on the main road between my two gravel lots. However, on one loop, Fransisco started looking behind us and saying “tranquila, mas despacio” which means just relax and slow down. Then he started saying something about the “policia” and had a funny look on his face. Instead of turning to go to my gravel lot, he told me to go straight and head out into the really main traffic and he kept looking behind us….I’ll be honest I really don’t know what it was all about but Fransisco seemed pretty worried! Fortunately they didn’t follow us outside the area and so I drove through about 5 stoplights and then traded with Fransisco…whew! Oh, also Fransisco brought some CD’s to listen to….mostly 80s music with John Travolta, go figure.

On our way back to my house, we stopped at Mcdonalds…oh my, I have never had McDonalds that tasted so incredibly good! Kacy Baugher, I ate some fries for you too!

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