Sunday, May 25, 2008

Porque no recorder?

Why cant I remember everything at once?

A few more miscellaneous things...

1. On Monday I was supposed to go through the new employee orientation. However, Javier came and asked me how much of the presentation I was picking up on and I said, well the leadership model. He said, oh yeah, why just that? And I said, well I have seen it about 3 times in Cargill. Once he realized I was only getting what was familiar I got pulled out....I suppose that was good to not know Spanish in that moment, huh? My favorite though was seeing SMART goals in Spanish....for all my FFA peeps, you can appreciate that!

2. On Tuesday, I read about 100 pages of a Brand Study done by Cargill. Most of it was graphs, but obviously the labels on the graphs were all in Spanish...picture Janette sitting there with her Spanish, English dictionary finding all the words...oh my it was painful!

3. I just went outside to practice driving my car. It is raining like crazy here, so I decided to just play aroudn with the gears and get the feel of it. I tell you what feel I got though, that this might be a bit more challenging than I had planned on! I am soooo hoping I dont have to confess to anyone that I cant drive a stick....I can only imagine what they would say about the gringa then!

4. Okay, this is the doozy right here. I have been debating all weekend whether or not to post it, but I suppose I will is good for the soul, right? Anyway, we all know about the great clumsy, awkward moments that only Nette-Nette can create...right? Well, on Friday night when Javier and I were talking, I said, Javier I have to confess my favorite Nicaragua story so far. you were there, you just didnt know it. I proceeded to explain to him my security system and also about the first night when my alarm had gone off in the hotel. Well, he immediately starts cracking up! He said, of course I noticed was going off as soon as you came out of the airport, but I didnt know this gringa from Arizona so I didnt want to say anything. Oh my, talk about funny! Apparently I just thought the annoying noise was a Managua airport thing and then a hotel thing....I absolutely died laughing, because had I not died laughing I would have died of embarrassment. Although he now knows about all of my alarms...I just couldnt bring myself to tell him that I also have two bottles of pepper spray and a mag lite flashlight also....ay, ay, ay. Nothing like a good story and a chiste for bonding people right?

Also, todays memory verse is courtesty of the best sister in law ever, Candi!
Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, trust also in Me.
John 14 1


Allison said...

I'm so enjoying your posts! And thanks for the "shout out" in a previous post. Enjoy every fleeting moment! Allison

Candice said...

That is too funny about Javier knowing that your alarms were going off!! As far as the car goes, one time I tried to drive Sandra's little car and could not do it! Pickups, no problem, that little car, not a chance! However, since this is your first experience I'm confident that you will do great! :) Best of Luck! Love Ya!

Karen and/or Bill said...

Greetings from Arkansas. Karen and I have been catching up on your blog, so cool :-) We are (like everyone else) so proud of you. I have found that I can zoom right into the volcano by using Google Earth. As you post the cities and towns you visit I can zoom into them also (to not quite street level, but pretty good). That volcano is quite big from satelite view and closer in. There are several pictures posted on Google Earth from the volcano as well. We are looking forward to seeing your pics and hearing more from you. Enjoy this ewxperience, it sounds great! Bill