Sunday, May 25, 2008

Politically charged....

Okay, this is just a bit of the economic side and I suppose since it is my blog I can post whatever I want to, right?

Anyway, Roger and I talked a lot about Cargill and businesses in general investing in third world countries, and especially the American environmentalists problems with that. Here in Nicaraga, people love Cargill because it means jobs! That means that 1500 more families will eat because Cargill is here. In a country with a 35 percent unemployment rate, that is huge! Cargill operates under strict safety and quality standards in all its countries. If you were here and saw some of the pollution adn the trash adn the little kids in the street begging for money, etc. you wouldnt worry about Cargills destruction of the jungle, you would just appreciate the economic stimulation.

Roger said that in Brazil, cattle farmers are cutting down trees to grow soybeans. This is already occurring because of the high soybean price. So, Cargill built a plant on the Amazon that would provide infrastructure and bring better prices and organization and technology to the region. No more land was put into farming, but everyone was better off with the infrastructure, jobs and prices created due to investment and economic activity in the area.

The moral of my conversation with Roger is this, that it is easy for environmentalists in the US to sit in their warm beds and full refrigerators and big houses and talk about regulations domestically and abroad. But it is entirely different for people in other countries who just need a job, who just need to feed thier kids.

Just my thoughts....although I am still developing them every day.

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