Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Estoy en Nicaragua!!

Holo todos mi familia y amigos!

Okay, where to start_ The past 4 days have been quite the ride and I am sure I will leave some details out and that this will be the most random post ever, but hey, that is the good part about having your own blog, right_

First of all, let me explain that my punctuation will be horrid. I am operating a Spanish keyboard, which is more different than English than you might think. I have also mastered Google, gmail, and facebook in Spanish...oh, and my cell phone is in Spanish too! My boss got quite a kick out of this today and said that with a few pushes of a button he could fix most of those issues...sure enough he did. So now if you call me, you will just be calling instead of ´llamando´, and I can get messages instead of ´mensejas´.

I suppose I´ll start for real on Saturday when my Mom and Dad took me to el aeropuerto. Nothing interesting happened on the way to Managua, except that as I got closer my excitement was literally growing to the bursting level..needless to say i couldn´t wait to get here and check it all out! Although, I spent every last minute I could on my cell phone in the airport. I arrived in Managua at about 745 pm. In the airport I met a couple from DC who were vacationing and they asked me what I was doing down here, as i explained it to them and they kept exclaiming how brave I am, etc. I realized I didnt feel nearly as brave as I sounded. Javier, my boss, and Horasio, my conductor or driver number 1, met me with Cargill signs with my name and took me to my hotel.

Enter great Nicaragua story one.

Really quickly, for those of you who know me, you know that i do nothing unless it is well planned and prepared ahead of time. Por ejemplo, I was not just aware of safety issues....I had my very own Comprehensive Security Plan complete with dos window alarms, dos under the door alarms, one on the door alarm, one in the purse alarm, dos cans of pepper spray, and one very large mag lite flashlight. Si. The thing is that all of my alarms probably wouldn´t stop a burglar just because they are there...no, they will actually run the burglar off due to sheer irritation of the ridiculous noises each one makes!

Okay, back to great Nicaragua story one.

Javier y Horasio brought my luggage into the lobby. As Javier was checking me in, a very, very annoying noise began to go off. I thought it was the elevator and was wondering why no one was shutting off the stinking thing. However. Javier went outside to get me something and the polite deskman walked around to my luggage and said, read this in your best nicaragua accent by the way, ¨ma´m, is your luggage ringing.¨ At first I almost laughed and then my stomach dropped with embarrassment as i realized that yes, my luggage was most certainly ringing. I immediately unzipped my suitcase in the middle of the lobby and turned a switch to save the sanity and hearing of those around me. Thankfully, Javier missed the excitement.

Anyway, on Sunday I just hung out at the hotel and unpacked, etc. I tried to watch tv but of course it is in...Spanish. However, to all my fellow Nick at Niters out there, Kacy, Jenn and Jamie, you ain´t seen nothing until you´ve seen Saved By The Bell en Espanol...viva la Zach Morris!! Oh, and my sweet Mama had packed me some chocolate cake so I tried to pretend I was in Cochise eating my cake and watching Saved by the Bell. I did try to venture out on Sunday but realized that walking isn´t for me quite yet.

Monday was great! Unfortunately for Horasio, he had problems getting there on time so I now have a driver number two Fransisco. He, and EVERYONE at work, is wondeful! I absolutely love my boss Javier. He is about 30 years old and the Nicaraguan version of Brian Hogue´s build...seriously, it is scary. He is incredibly smart though and I know I am going to learn a ton from him. Everyone else at work is so nice though, there is a girl i work closely with who is 24 and is a doll. The general manager is Roger and he is from Argentina and is hilarious. Stories to come.

I love my project, but i will explain that soon...my timer on this computer is running out!

In the past few days I have realized just how far away from home Nicaragua is, just how little Spanish I speak, and just how white I am as well.....in that order. Thankfully, I have also been reminded that God lives in Nicaragua too...I have a new theory that going to a foreign country makes a faithful Christian out of anyway because you gots to pray all the time! lol

My goal for the week is to learn to drive a stick shift. A bit daunting, but I reckon if I can live 4 countries away and learn a new language, I can master a silly old car! Keep your fingers crossed though....otherwise Fransisco will have to drive me forever!

I am sending lots of hugs and love back to all of mi amigos y familia...dont forget to pray for me please, but know I am doing well and loving it here...and also am very excited for my scheduled visitors...and would not be opposed to any extra visitors...hint, hint!


Jennifer said...

I am so proud of you, too!! I treasure our chat this evening - even if it was interrupted by my crazies locked in the shower together:) I can't wait to hear more and more!! I don't think I will be able to get enough. Which is the beauty of the blog - you can write as much as you want! So keep those internet cafes cookin'!

Rose Dudgeon said...

Ok, Miss Farm Girl, you can't drive a stick?! I guess I'll forgive you, since clearly you have many other talents. It sounds like everything is off to a great start. Take care, and I can't wait to hear about many more adventures to come! Enjoy those internet cafes...

Mom/Mimi/Helen said...

Okay, I'm trying to be a blog 'commentor!'
You are an amazing young lady and I am so proud to call you 'MY daughter!'
I know you will conquer this driving thing, but then there may be one little problem and that is you are 'MY daughter!' However, even as uncoordinated as I am, I was driving a stick shift long before I was a legal driver. The pasture and the mesquites may have been more forgiving than Managuan traffic:)
Yes, you have taken prayer and 'trusting in the Lord' to new levels for all of us!
Enjoy and make the most of every moment of this very special adventure. It may be a very, very long time before I agree to anything like this again!
I love you, Mom

Candice said...

Was the "hint,hint" for me? I really think that is was! I'll let Jason know! ;) We are both so proud of you and all the hard work that you put into whatever you do. Oh yeah, yesterday I went up to the Stronghold and it made me miss you! When you come back, we are going running! Love Ya!

Allison said...

Janette, I'm so proud of you! I'm nostalgic, thinking about my time in Spain in 1997. Believe me, your sheer adrenaline from all the excitement and new adventures, and your faith, will help you overcome any doubts or fear about your experiences.

P.S. - We'll be in Puerto Rico this summer. I reckon that's close enough to Nicaragua for a visit. :)

Jenn said...

Well, first of all I am so glad that you figured out how to facebook down there (it was so nice to hear from you) Ok, and about saved by the bell, wow I am so jealous, I am here visiting mom and dad at the ranch and apparently I am farther away from civilization than you are, because we don’t even have it here in New Mexico.. :( Anyways I am so happy to hear all the wonderful things that you have been doing... I can’t wait to see all the pictures you bring home!!!!

Miss you!!!

p.s. KEEP POSTING THE BLOGS, I read them when there are no chores to do here at the ranch (it keeps me technology savvy and pops would put it :D)