Friday, May 23, 2008

Este fin de semana!

Hola todos!

Well, today was the last day of my first week of work! I just got back to the hotel and it is late, well for me anyway, so I promise to not write a book tonight....but of course one will be coming before the end of the week.

I just wanted to write really quickly about my day. This morning I went to the office in Masaya, and didnt have too much to do so I played on Excel...boring, I know except that I learned about PivotTables, which Javier says I will be learning a lot about the rest of the summer. Jennifer, you would be proud!

At noon, everyone came to the Hilton for a seminar. Basically it was just to bring together the different functions and departments and allow everyone to be up to speed on overall company goals for the beginning of the new fiscal year. The really great part was that I understood almost everything that was on the powerpoints! Not so much as far as what was said

After all the presentations we were split into small groups for an activity. Beau, Coty, Kacy, Jamie, and Jenn---I had serious flashbacks to NLCSO when we did win-lose and win-win negotiations, because that was pretty much what the activity was. Even though I couldnt understand everything, I understood quite a bit and it was fun to see some FFA ishness in Nicaragua...smiley face.

So, then this evening all of the management, and yo tambien, went to Rogers house....oh my, talk about a nice house. Just so you know the exclamation point doesnt work on this computer tonight so i am down to a comma or a period for punctuation. Perdon. Anyway, his house was absolutely phenomonal including a pool, beautiful landscaping and an incredible view of the lake and the volcanoes. We had caballo vayo? It is some way of saying the way that a meal is served, but it was basically Nicaraguan version of Mexican food....muy bien. Roger told me that anyone who doesnt drink gets kicked out of the country, he was kidding with me of course but it was so funny.

This evening I felt more comfortable than I have all week because I have gotten to know everyone who was there, throughout the week and they are all absolutely wonderful people. I visited with one of my new friends, Ruth, who is about thirty and is the financial manager and I learned that her husband works for a company called LAAD, which is owned by about twelve different US ag companies and basically lends to Central American farmers. She has promised me that I will get to meet him and even that I will get to visit farms with him, how cool is that??

The reason for the get together was to celebrate this months birthdays, which was just Luis. For whatever reason, they sang Happy Birhtday to him in English, exclamation point. After we finished, I said, que? no feliz cumpleanos a ti? So then we sang in Spanish, per my request...super fun.

Javier and I got to visit tonight in a less formal setting that wasnt just work, and I feel so good about working with him and learning from him. The reason I know it will be a good working relationship is because he really started to pick on me tonight, especially making fun of Cochise...or Coochie as he called it. lol

Tomorrow is a big company event, and I think Roger is taking me to Granada to see the town. To be sure, blogging material will gathered, smiley face.

Also, todays memory verse was Luke two verse nineteen.
Mary treasured these things and pondered them in her heart.

But Jennifer, I will work on Annas verse as well.

Much love and hoping that tomorrow I will have more punctuation at my disposal....


Jennifer said...

I am so glad that you are getting to know these people. It sounds like you are getting the full experience of living outside the country... in fact, they are probably friendlier than if you were in the states... we don't do a lot of socializing with work friends around here... It is also a good experience to be at the annual meetings of the company. You should see if you can get a hold of some financials:)

Candice said...

yo te dije que vas a aprender mas grammar que peudes aprender aqui con los gringos en todo un vida. los conjugationos son la mas suave cuando intiedes todo:) la verdad es que no intiendo mucho de espanol tampoco, y la gente americano quien piensen que intienden, ya no intienden!!! Tengo mucho feliz que estas en una lugar que vas a aprender mucho espanol muy rapido! No tomas mucho de bebidas con la cocoa y leche, ni tequila, ni cerveza:) have fun, look forward to hearing more from you. love ya, jason

Jennifer said...

I would just like to brag that I have an idea of what jason is saying, and I for sure got that you should be drinking chocolate milk instead of tequila:)

Janette's Joys said... I get to brag because I also understood what Jason said! hehe