Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dia Numero Cinco

Hola Todos!

Great news...I just found the question mark button on here, look??????????????? woohoo! I have arrivedÑ if that were just a real smiley i would be set!

Anyway, it was another great day! Everyday I get to visit with my work people a bit more and find new friends. Today Roger, my funny Argentinian ¨hefe¨as Fransisco called him, asked me if I had met someone and I said, yes es mi amiga Ruth, and he said, oh you, everybody is your friend are they not? It was super cute.

Okay, seriously if I knew how to make a smiley face they would be all over this blog.

Anyway, Allison I thought of you because my favorite older lady is Maria Jose..mostly she is my favorite because she gives me a hug every morning! Today I was moved to my own cubicle which happened to be right by her office so we got to chat quite a bit and it turns out that she is from Spain...way cool. It is incredible how many people at the office are from all over Central America and everywhere else in the world. I get to meet the Business Unit leader on Friday who is actually from England....although we will have different accents, perhaps I will understand him a bit better!

I have been dying all day to blog about lunch...yes, lunch. So the past couple of days Javier has taken me to lunch at the mall that is about 5 minutes away called Galerias...maybe a Nicaragua version of the Dallas Galleria, Jen? Anyway, today he was tied up in meetings so my friend Veronica took me to lunch en la cafeteria. First of all, you need to know that our building is a one story building that is probably 30 years old. Right next to it are processing plants. Chicken ones. Ew. The cafeteria is between the office building and the plants, and let me tell you what, it smells raunchy! Anyway, Veronica and I went after she found me some silverware because for whatever reason you have to take your own. We had rice, potatoes, and chicken. It wasnt that bad honestly, especially considering my latest mental image of cafeteria food is of Willcox High School....Nicaragua sure beats that! Veronica said that for lunch it is rice, beans, and meat, or rice, potatoes and meat. I asked her what is a typical supper in Nicaragua and she said the same things, they just mix them up! The good news is they also had tortillas that looked like a whole wheat tortilla but tasted more like a double stacked corn tortilla. Oh, and we ate in the cafeteria right at lunch rush hour with about a hundred workers from the plant....have I mentioned yet how much I stick out?

Also today I said ¨buenas dias¨to about 5 people in the afternoon....I dont suppose I should have done that, as Veronica helped me out. I am constantly stumbling over my Spanish, but they are so encouraging of me to keep trying. There are probably ten people at work who speak more English than I do Spanish which is really nice. Most of them are glad to be able to practice their English too.

Have I mentioned how much I love my work people?

Monday I will move into my apartment. I am growing rather fond of the Hilton, especially since I have started using el gymnasio! I am sooo not used to sitting down all day. I do feel safe here though, and everyone keeps telling me I will feel safe in the apartment because there are security guards there. Plus I have my Comprehensive Security Plan! Who will mess with that?

Oh, also I found out today that Veronica plays basketball in a city league and has a game next week, so we are going to try and make it so that I can go, huh?

It rained today, un tormento. Apparently their rainy season is from the end of May through October and someone told me yesterday that they call that season winter. Hmm. The worst part about the rain is that when I am driving back to Managua from Masaya, where work is, that I cannot see the HUGE Lake Managua and the two vulcans that are right there....I cant wait to show yall pictures!

I know this is a shock, but I couldnt exactly fill up on the cafeteria rice and potatoes today so this starving girl is going to get some supper. I am sending lots of love!

Oh, I just thought I would share my memory verse in case anyone wants to memorize it with me....I think my memory verse rate is going to need to increase down here, ready Jennifer Hiser and Beau?
1 Peter 5 6 through 7 , i would have put a colon but i dont know how.
Humble yourselves, therefore, under the hand of the Mighty One and in due time He will lift you up. Cast your anxieties upon him because he cares for you.


Jennifer said...

We are ready for the summer memory verses!! I just hope this is the actual verse from Peter that you intend us to know - instead of the insanely long you mistakenly assigned last time!

I would just like to clarify - did you mention volcanos last night? Are they active?? I need to do some research on this to find the facts!

Your lunch soooo reminds me of the day I ate lunch at the cafeteria at that hair care place I worked for a brief time. Let's just say, there is a chance I stood out more there than you did today:)

Keep up the good work!

Candice said...

Thanks, Nette, for that verse. I was needing that badly today. At least there were no fish heads to eat!